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Every project, big or small, goes through our process. We call it the 4 D's: discovery, design, development, and deployment.

  • Step 1 - Discover

    Kickoff & Project Charter

    We call our team of experts together and pitch the project to them. From this moment, the project comes alive and every member of our creative team goes to work on the project.

  • Step 2 - Discover

    Project Analysis

    We take the project apart and spend extensive time analysing the different aspects to the project. Here we establish the T's to be crossed and the I's to be dotted.

  • Step 3 - Discover

    IA & Content Strategy

    Using the information from our prior project analysis, we'll establish the content definations for the project and map out a content development strategy for the project.

  • Step 4 - Discover

    Search Strategy

    We employ various simple and sophisticated tools in our search for relevant information and primary materials needed for the project to ensure relevance in all cases.

  • Step 5 - Discover

    Strategic Direction

    At this stage, we put all the pieces back together to reveal our strategic direction and draw the line on our execution plan.

  • Step 6 - Design

    UX Sketches

    We sketch out our design models for the project.

  • Step 7 - Design

    Page Tables

    We build all the neccesary page tables for the project.

  • Step 8 - Design

    Interaction Design

    We commence interaction design for the project.

  • Step 9 - Design

    Visual Design

    All the visual designs come to play at this point.

  • Step 10 - Design

    Styleguide / Documentation

    We develop style guides and other relevant documents on the designs.

  • Step 11 - Develop

    HTML or Theme Build

    We build the unique themes and web pages using HTML, PHP, Java etc. and other relevant programing languages.

  • Step 12 - Develop

    CMS Build & Template Implementation

    We build content managment pages or integrate the template into an existing cms platform.

  • Step 13 - Develop

    Cross-Browser/Device Testing

    We test the solution on different browsers and devices and make all neccesary adjustments.

  • Step 14 - Deploy

    Content Migration

    We move the solution from our local servers to public domains for user-based testings.

  • Step 15 - Deploy

    User Acceptance Testing

    We ask professionals from different works of life to use the solution in real time and provide us with feedback.

  • Step 16 - Deploy

    Documentation & Training

    We develope all the needed documentations and training materials for the deployed solution.

  • Step 17 - Deploy

    Launch Plan & Release

    We set a launch date and release the solution to the target reach.

  • Step 18 - Deploy

    Start of Operational Plan

    We commence our oprational plan for the project.