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Web Development

Aiivon digital solutions can design, develop and manage a professional Website for your company as well as host it. Our Web Team consists of a researcher, copywriter, Internet Marketer, Web designer, Internet Security Expert and Graphic Artist. A site completed by us is reviewed extensively by our experts for such critical issues as load time (how long does the site take to come up onto the screen?), browser compatibility (is the site displayed the same by different computers?), and navigational ease. Most of our sites are reviewed regularly by a focus group of up to 30 people with various levels of Internet usage skills. With these extensive skills and review, sites completed by us are of the highest quality.

The process we go through in designing a site is exhaustive. Firstly, there are a series of meetings with clients to establish exactly what they want and need the site to do. Once the objectives of the site are clearly fixed, we research the target market and assess their requirements for such a site. We then establish a focus group of the target market that assists in the development of the site. This group completes a series of surveys to identify issues such as load time, copy effectiveness, navigational ease, and the quality of product presentation and overall design success.

In close consultation with our clients, we then move on to complete the look and 'feel' of the site. An experienced copywriter completes the wording of the site. The copy is developed in association with the client and our expert Internet Marketer to ensure that the site will place as high as possible in Search Engines and to ensure its relevancy. Privacy commitments are then included into the site (again, research shows that privacy is the biggest concerns for Internet users).

Our Security Expert is brought in to try to 'crack' the site code, access databases, etc to ensure a high level of security is provided for the site. The entire site is then reviewed via a complex process whereby a vast amount of technical information is gathered and assessed by our team. Once the site passes a series of strict criteria, ranging from security issues, to navigational issues, to marketing issues, then the site is passed for hosting.

Clients are involved in the development of the site as much as possible, to ensure it meets the objectives set earlier and is a site of the highest standard. The site would be completed within three weeks from the order being received. The time of completion quite often depends on the time it takes to develop graphics and content. The site needs to be marketed on an ongoing basis. Fresh information also needs to be put into the site to keep it up to date and interesting. You can do this yourself if you or your organization has the resources available in-house, or we would be delighted to be of assistance.

Graphic Design

In today’s marketplace, image is everything. How your company looks to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions – with customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders. You cannot afford to present an unprofessional or inconsistent image in a competitive and crowded landscape.

A Four-Phase Approach to Design Excellence

We believe that good quality design requires more than just creativity. It requires research, analysis and close collaboration with you to reflect your orgainzation’s vision, strengths, messages and priorities. To ensure that our design aligns with your expectations, we’ve developed a four-phase process to guide us every step of the way.

Phase I: Research
Before any actual creative work begins, aiivon conducts extensive background research. We will meet with you to understand your goals, audience needs and project expectations. In addition, we will conduct market, customer and competitive research to gather additional insight. Once our research is complete, we will provide a creative brief to summarize the results of our inquiries and outline the project, along with a detailed project schedule to ensure on-time delivery.

Phase II: Design
When our analysis is complete and you are on board with the initial concepts, design work begins. We keep your communication needs and priorities at the core of every design decision – from colors to image selection to font styles. Typically, we explore several different creative approaches before centering in oun our main creative ideas. Based on your feedback, we evolve these creative approaches into comprehensive design directions. As part of this process, we will deliver at least three creative concepts for your evaluation.

Phase III: Implementation
After you select your preferred creative direction, we begin design execution. aiivon works with you to select images and gather copies for the final design pieces. We produce draft outputs for your review and make sure that your input is reflected before any piece goes into production. When your quality standards (and ours) are achieved, we prepare your design pieces for final production. We collaborate closely with any third-party vendors (such as printers) to make sure that the finished product meets your expectations.

Phase IV: Evaluation
After the design is complete, we follow up with you to assess the outcome of the project. We are keen to hear not only your insights on our process and designs, but also any feedback you have received from your audiences. If desired, we can work with you to design data-gathering tools – such as customer surveys – to collect insight from your target audiences.

Our areas of specialization include:

- Visual identity and brand standards development
- Print design including brochures and sell sheets
- Corporate presentations
- Annual reports
- Advertisements
- Business cards etc.
- Website and interactive media design
- Display design

Digital Marketing

In this information age, almost everyone use the internet for one reason or the other and that huge traffic influx of people to the internet has made it very effective Marketing and PR tool. The Digital media presents every organization the opportunity to build a positive perception about their products and services as well as develop the interest and relevance of their programs to millions of internet users.

Unlike the mainstream media and print publicity, building an efficient digital marketing campaign can be very complex and requires a lot of experience and technical knowhow to accomplish which is why our digital media team will work with your PR department in building an efficient digital marketing plan tailored to your needs.

We’ll use a robust strategy that employs all the key elements of digital marketing in our bid to maximize reach and emphasize your brand essence. Channels to be employed are broken down as follows:

Your Website: The starting point in the development of every digital media strategy is the client website. We’ll optimize each of your web pages for SEO and brand them to suit the campaign and the message we are getting across at every point in time.

Social Media: We’ll create media accounts that will function as extensions of your website on each of the social media platforms. These accounts will be optimized for millions of internet users and will be used for publicity and referrals back to the website.

Blog: We have existing working relationships with most of the top bloggers in Nigeria and we’ll use their platforms to promote contents that will be developed with your PR department.

News Websites: Just like newspapers on vendor stands, news websites attract a lot of visitors online and we’ll integrate our marketing plan into their platforms to and reach their visitors with our message.

Google Ad choices: We’ll use the affiliate systems also as an effective way to reach millions of audience as well.

Taboola: Taboola is to internet users what billboards are to road users. We’ll also integrate their network into our plan.

Emails: We’ll engage in mass email marketing campaigns using newsletters and direct content to spread our message.

The Media strategy won’t be limited to the platforms listed above but will however center on them as they are the core elements of every efficient digital media strategy.

App Development

Peoples time spent per day on mobile devices has increased 575% in three years and 80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps.

Mobile Apps may become more important than your website, so thinking how your business will look on a device should concern you.

We design and develop applications for mobile devices, tablet, Web and emerging platforms as they become relevant and we combine the best graphic user interface (GUI) design and advanced programing tools for an enhanced user experience during the development of our applications.

User Experience: A Mobile Application has a much better user experience. The navigation is seamless and intuitive, and hence, used much more than mobile websites.

Works Offline: Once the app is downloaded on the device, it doesn’t “load” whenever one opens it. You can access it anytime, even if you are offline.

Security: Native Mobile Apps have an architectural advantage, and hence, do not need to connect with the network frequently.

Compatibility: A Native App is specifically built to be compatible with your mobile device. That’s why it is able to communicate and interact with your device.

ICT Training

We run various trining programs through out the year, from private one on one training sessions to special training modules for organizations and proffesional training programs open to the public. Please sign up to our news letter or join us on social media for regular updates. you can also get updates on training from our blog sesion.


Every website needs to attract new leads to it and turn them into customers. Its best chance to do so is to take advantage of free traffic from popular search engines. A focused SEO campaign will help can help you:

● Get your website more attention from interested prospects
● Turn that new attention into paying customers
● Gain increased visibility without risking its standing with popular search engines

If you do not optimize your website to perform well with search engines, it risks drying up its pipeline of prospective customers in an increasingly competitive online space. Here's how we can help with your S.E.O.

Our Sustained Website Traffic Growth Solution

Assessment of current SEO: We’ll assess your current rankings for all the major search engines to see what’s working, what isn’t, and the best way to get more traffic to your website.
Development of SEO campaign: We’ll use the insights from our initial assessment to develop a campaign to drive more visitors to your website, and we’ll share all of the details with you.
Launch of SEO campaign: We’ll put the plan we created for you into motion, building the necessary backlinks to make your website rise in the rankings and attract new visitors.
Ongoing campaign management and improvement: We’ll track the results of your SEO campaign for 6 months, providing you with detailed reports and advice on how to turn a higher percentage of your new visitors into customers.

App Development

We build applications for mobile devices, tablet, Web and emerging platforms.


ICT Training

Benefit from our practical digital training programs all year round.



Need an S.E.O solution for your website? We can develop one that suit your brand.