Aug, 11 2014

Aiivon Innovation Hub

Aiivon Innovation Hub is a social tech centre in the heart of Abuja established to create the much needed platform for tech ideas and digital business to develop and compete globally. We are creating a convergence of tech minds for effective collaborations, skill upgrades, hackathons, mentorship etc. The hub provides a truly inspiring and high-energy environment that matches a rock-solid work ethic with loads of fun. You will find people you love working with and enjoy spending time with outside the office and you’ll enjoy creating innovative solutions with ease.

We are fuelled by optimism. Everyone is welcomed. Female or male, tall or short, dark or light, the clown, the super nerd, the soccer star, or the off pointer —technology can and should break down barriers and stereotypes — aiivon hub is a place of inclusion and anybody with a little heart and drive can do great stuff here.

for more information visit the Aiivon Hub’s website

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